Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms in Scotland have surged in popularity in recent years giving people a space in their garden to either relax, socialise, work, play, practice hobbies and a whole host more uses. We specialise in making the prospect of a garden room an easy one to manage, we make the complex simple for our customers. With us, you can have your garden room within 2-3 weeks, fully finished in your specification with as many custom elements as you like. Contact us today and the team can help you get started with your Garden Rooms in Scotland!

Bespoke Garden Rooms in Scotland

It’s incredibly important to us as a business who build bespoke garden rooms in Scotland that we provide the best possible customer experience to our customers. We are not a “volume” based supplier, we will not be rushing the job to get onto the next one, we’re here to make sure your dream garden room is delivered as expected, every time. 

Customer Experience

The customer is at the heart of everything we as a business do, without you we couldn’t do what we love! It’s important to us to show that every build is different and as such our service reflects your needs, every time.

Fully customisable

While we do provide a list of options included in the garden rooms we build, the option list is endless and you can change the finishes to whatever you’d like. Different doors, cladding, flooring, lighting, just ask!

Endless Uses

In the past, our customers have used their garden room for: a garden spa, a music room, a fitness suite, a golf simulator room, an art studio, the list goes on! Whatever you can dream of, we can make your space a reality.

Take a look at some of our latest work

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, by filtering the gallery below to Garden Rooms you can see just how high quality our builds are, and how they can differ from each other. A garden room doesn’t need to be a big wooden clad building in the garden, whatever you can dream of we can deliver!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most situations planning is not required for Garden Rooms in Scotland, but, if you live in a conservation area or exceed 30 sqm of room size then planning permission will be required. We will take care of the whole process for you ensuring it will be stress free.

There are a few options available to you for foundations, we recommend a firm base and therefore one of the following would be your best option:

  • Concrete Base
  • Ground Screws

If you’re not sure what would be most suitable for you, contact us today and we can help advise.

Certainly, you can have a toilet/sink however please note in Scotland this requires both a building warrant and planning permission, don’t fret, we can take care of this for you but it is something to think about when planning.

Our standard pricing is based on two windows for your build, however, you can have as many as you like at an additional cost. Contact our team today for more information and exact prices.  

Yes you can choose from a single door, french doors, sliding doors and bi-fold doors. Contact our team today to find out more about our door options. 

Yes, all JJ Luxe Living builds come with a 10 year structural and defect guarantee to give you the peace of mind required when making an investment like this. 

The average build time will be 2-3 weeks on average, however, bespoke larger projects may take slightly longer as you’d expect. We can give a better estimate for your specific project if you contact our team.

We would need to run a mains cable constructed with steel wire armoured cable from the garden room back to the main fuse board in the house, this is to ensure the safety and longevity of the connection.

Our Garden Rooms are constructed using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) which are manufactured by injecting highly insulated polyurethane between sheets of structural OSB3. These panels will then form all of the outer surfaces of your build, including the walls, floor & roof giving you an extremely rigid and energy efficient garden room.

While there are many benefits of us building your garden room, we build garden rooms using SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels, here are a few reasons that our customers love our method:

  • Our SIPs allow us to erect your room faster, meaning less disruption to you while the work is going on and you’ll get to enjoy the space quicker.
  • Our SIPs are highly energy efficient and eco friendly, meaning that it not only saves you money to heat the space in turn lowering your carbon footprint but you’re also using materials that are constructed in a green-energy powered facility with minimum waste.
  • Our SIPs are extremely low maintenance and can withstand extreme weather conditions (that we get a lot of here in Scotland!) which, in turn, allows us to offer our 10 year guarantee and you many happy, stress free, low cost years of using your space.
  • Finally, our SIPs are extremely efficient in regards to soundproofing meaning you can enjoy your space well into the night without disrupting your neighbours.

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