Home Extension Cost in Scotland

A home extension price can often be similar to asking the question of “how long is a piece of string?“. It’s difficult to quantify as everything from the starting surface to the finishing touches required can change the price significantly, we’ve done our best below to quantify what this looks like for the average homeowner. If you would like a more accurate cost, please contact us today for more information and an informal chat with our team.

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Example of a Home Extension Cost in Scotland

We like to ensure our customers get the best possible experience when working with us to build their Home Extension, this includes being upfront about what a Home Extension Cost in Scotland. A huge portion of that experience comes before they engage with a supplier to actually build the home extension and that’s why we’ve done our best to publish some pricing here so you can understand how much it’s likely to cost to get a home extension in Scotland. 

There are lots of different types of home extensions available to home owners, these can be all the way from single-story simple extensions to complex multi-storey house extensions which means that the price can vary quite considerably. We believe that giving you an indication of cost is better than forcing you to enquire with us, so for us to start pricing up a single-storey home extension we start from £2,200 per square metre. 

This investment level per square metre may change depending on the building in its current state, the foundational work required, different pipework or electrical routing needing done, or any other of a number of reasons. To get a more accurate quote, speak to our friendly team for an informal chat today by clicking the button below. 

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