Landscaping & Garden Design Cost in Scotland

To make sure that your garden isn’t left with a beautiful room, extension or sunroom and the rest of it lacking – we offer a landscaping & garden design service to our customers so they can enjoy their space from the get-go. 

Due to the nature of this service it depends highly on the amount of work required or requested, and therefore we can only offer indicative pricing at best. For a better quality quote, speak to our team for an informal and friendly chat today!

Here's what you'll get as standard

Design & Planning

Building & Erection

Aftercare & Guarantee

Example Landscaping & Garden Design Cost in Scotland

Providing landscaping & garden design is one of the services offered from JJ Luxe Living and to align with our company value of always providing the best possible experience for our customers we like to be as upfront as possible with all the information you need to make your decision. We understand that as part of planning your project you need to understand the level of investment needed to achieve your dream space. 

Unfortunately, landscaping & garden design is incredibly hard to estimate without seeing the space beforehand. Not only does size play a massive factor but the finish required, if there are pipes and other blockages present, the availability of materials all cause fluctuations in the price. So that we can give you some kind of idea, for a small garden with a mid-range finish we’d expect between £3000-10,000 depending on all of the aforementioned variables.

So that we can give you a more accurate quote, please get in touch with our friendly team for an informal chat and we can get one of our team to come and give you a much more accurate estimate.

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